Ambassador Training Program

Training Dates: Online August 16-18, 2024

Learn how to help the Alchemy bowls find new hands to play them and earn either a cash commission or discounts towards new bowls!

Have you felt called to help others experience the joy of playing Alchemy Crystal bowls? You can now learn how with our Ambassador Training!

This training is designed for all those who have recognized how special and life changing the Alchemy bowls can be and who are called to share them with the world. For those who visualize dedicating themselves to the song of the Alchemy bowls, who are inspired to help guide others in finding their own bowl mates, and support the world shifting to a new way of consciousness.

In our experience working to help others discover the Alchemy bowls has lead to beautiful interpersonal connections, gratitude, and many unexpected joyful experiences.

This training is organized specifically around all dimensions of working with alchemy bowls. Learning to be an Ambassador involves the most broad and deep transfer of knowledge of the Alchemy bowls possible. We have created this special gathering imagining these amazing possibilities for you, and for all whom you will connect with in the future.

In this training you will learn:

  1. All the magic behind the Alchemy bowls
  2. Playing and sharing the bowls in a safe, effective, and healing way
  3. Inspiring ways to bring Alchemy bowls into your community
  4. How to nurture your own personal practice
  5. Selling bowls online as a Sacred Sound of the Soul Ambassador

Once you become an Ambassador you'll be a leading representative for the alchemy bowls within your community. Learn how to help the Alchemy bowls find new hands to play them and earn a cash commission or discount towards new bowls.

Prerequisites for joining the Ambassador Program:

  • Recommended ownership of 10 Crystal Tones® Alchemy Bowls (minimum of 3)

Schedule: 9am-5pm (PST) each day

Training Investment: $3,333

For participants attending online we encourage you to attend live the whole training.  But if time away is needed, recording will be sent out at the end of each day.