Alchemy Crystal Bowl Experience

Hands-on, interactive experience with one of a kind alchemy bowls.

In person in Sedona, AZ and Encinitas, CA.

Select potential “bowlmates” from over 200 one of a kind and precious Crystal Tones Alchemy bowls, receive guidance from a Crystal Bowl Practitioner, and experience what it is like to play these absolutely magical bowls yourself, with a partner, family, or friends.  The most pure and rare earth elements and sounds of these bowls transmits a vibration with the power to heal, uplift, clarify, and manifest large shifts in your life.

Who is this for:

  • First time bowl players looking to experience what it is like to play the bowls themselves.
  • Those interested in experiencing all the benefits of sound healing from their own empowerment of generating the vibration themselves.
  • Novice or experienced crystal bowl players or crystal bowl owners looking to experience playing or hearing some of our bowls, but are not certain they are ready to take home their own “bowlmate” or bowl friends at our temple.



25 minute experience

(up to 3 bowls)

50 minute experience

(up to 6 bowls)

Up to 2 People



Each Additional Person >2

+$44 Each Additional

+$44 Each Additional

Supergrade Bowl Experience



  To setup an appointment please email: or call (760) 818-5318.