Gallery location: 162 S. Rancho Santa Fe Rd. Suite A40 in Encinitas, California

Events & Classes


SUNDAY 9:00am: Earthsong World Music Song & Chant with Michelle

SUNDAY 11:00am: Harp and Crystal Sound Healing with Shelly

MONDAY 11:00am: Vedic Chant with Josh

TUESDAY 11:00am: Move, Breath and Relax with Ryan

WEDNESDAY 11:00am: Integrative Sound Healing with Amanda

THURSDAY 11:00am: Crystal Bowl Club with Amanda

FRIDAY 11:00am: Chair Yoga with Bob

SATURDAY 11:00am: Nada Yoga with Michelle

Classes are offered through our partners Soul of Yoga.

Preregister in advance by downloading their App.


Integrative Sound Healing Workshop and Training Info Session

Sunday, February 2 | 2:00pm


Crystal Bowl Practitioner Workshop

Saturday, February 8 | 1:00pm



Drum Circle

Thursday, Feb 13 | 6:30pm


Harmonic Didgez with Sam David

Wednesday, March 11 | 7:00pm



Thank you for creating a beautiful healing sanctuary at the ‘Sacred Sound of the Soul’, RSF. Your programs are a precious gift, an endearing fellowship on the Sacred Journey. Sunday mornings with Shelly Reef offering the ‘Harp and Crystal Bowl Sound Healing’ has become my Sunday Service, a profound communion with Spirit. There is heart-felt depth to help heal discord, there is ascension to experience Celestial accord and there is grounding to express supernal Spirit through our corporeal form. I love knowing that this is not only a gift to me, to us, but to humanity as we exponentially extend this Love and Light to others. Soul of Yoga is one of the reasons Encinitas receives global recognition as a ‘Light upon the Hill.’