Just Released - Our First Sacred Sound of the Soul Album!

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Deep Listening Album Information

 The spiritual journey is a path of progressive resonance in the flow of cosmic duration. Intuitively, this album offers an immersive listening experience, where a deep meditation is almost involuntarily induced by the otherworldly qualities of the alchemy crystal bowls and the emotional magic of the voice evoking ancient mantras and Indian raga movements. Grammy® nominated musician Silvia Nakkach joins her inspired melodies with a paradise full of Crystal Tones® bowls played by Amanda Baird in the first release from the label Sacred Sound of the Soul.

Become familiar with the four pieces of this album as one generative listening experience to accompany your daily meditation practice. The more you listen to it, the more your mind will ground in divine silence. Remain wholly present and wholly open.

We want to hear from you! Feel free to contact us by sharing the poetics of your contemplative listening experiences. How do you sense, feel, and cultivate the wisdom of the resonance that clears the heart and transcends time?

You are always welcome! We are always listening.

Behind the scenes with Amanda and Silvia in Burbank recording...

Please see this video with Silvia's connection with the bowls just before recording for the album...