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Ushnisha-vijaya (Kwan-Yin/Long-Life) Goddess

Ushnisha-vijaya (Kwan-Yin/Long-Life) Goddess

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Ushnisha-vijaya (Kwan-Yin/Long-Life) Goddess (10/06/#2)

Culture: Buddhist    

Country of Origin : Nepal    

Artifact Age: 21st Century

Nurbu Lama (Nurbu Arts p. ltd.) authenticated

Price; $1650.00

Ushnisha-vijaya is the triad representation of the three main Buddhist female deities of longevity; Ushnishavijaya, White Tara and Amitayus. Her three faces are slightly wrathful but with peaceful eyes. She holds instruments of Enlightenment; a double Vajra, the Buddha, an arrow, the charity mudra, a lasso, a bow and the long-life vase. A beautiful and powerful rupa with wonderful detail made of copper and sealed.