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Remo DJ-6112-32 Apex Djembe Drum - Green Kinte, 12"

Remo DJ-6112-32 Apex Djembe Drum - Green Kinte, 12"

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Brand: Remo

Color: Green Kinte


  • Key-Tuned SKYNDEEP Matching Head

Binding: Electronics

Details: Remo ushers in a new generation in drumming with the new, sleek looking, Apex Djembe series. This new drum is designed for unparalleled sound quality and playing comfort. It is light weight and features an elegant plated steel radius counter hoop that feels great from the first beat. The specially engineered, upgraded Contour Tuning brackets boast inverted, recessed tuning hooks that easily tune the drum. There's also a high density rubber molded bass for damage protection and no sliding while playing. This 22 x 12 inch Apex Djembe sports a synthetic Remo Sky deep beige drumhead that will stay in tune in almost all weather conditions. The Sky deep head also features a small removable Sound Control foam dot under the drumhead. This feature enables the drum to produce less overtones, for a more focused and dryer "animal-like" bass tone as well as rich slap tones. The Apex Djembe will perform to your highest expectations for all levels of drumming.

Package Dimensions: 23.9 x 14.5 x 13.9 inches