Medium Rose Calcite RC1

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All of the crystals in Sacred Sound of the Soul have been harvested with the utmost respect and care, they are direct from the miners themselves, not 3rd or 4th parties. 
The Rose Calcite was brought up from Chihuahua, Mexico.  The man whom I work with to bring in most of our crystals, was born there with many of his family still living in the home he grew up.  This is very important to me as he continually returns to his hometown to help support the community through building homes, a school, and providing much needed clothing and resources.  He and his family have a loving and very respectful mindset towards the Earth which adds to the healing power of the crystals.  Not all crystals are treated this way, and there is a definite difference between them.  
Rose Calcite subtle glow of kindness and compassion.  This medium sized piece has been blessed, healed, and prepared for relationship work.