12 F-40 Moldavite

12 F-40 Moldavite

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Advanced Alchemy.  

Open the heart to the infinite possibilities of dimensional consciousness.  Enhances intuitive and telepathic senses.  Please practice with care.  This is a powerful tool for deep meditative purposes, and focused personal and group work.  Holds the deep heart tone well.  Helpful in contacting other-worldly beings.  

****This powerhouse Alchemy must be used with caution.  Please, Only those who are familiar with Moldavite and are a responsible practitioner.  This bowl has the potential to open portals, one must exercise great caution when utilizing this tool.  

This bowl is a powerful pairing with the 10" A+50 Lavender/Azeztulitite and 7" Egyptian Blue Practitioner A#-45

Please contact us for guidance with complementary Alchemy.  

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