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Introducing Attuned Soundscapes!
Imagine a customized healing soundscape, perfectly tuned to your singing bowls and produced by one of the top artists in the field of sacred music. Imagine flowing through a dynamic vibrational journey in healing sound with an ever-changing tapestry of sonic inspiration, unlocking stunning new levels of healing and transformation - all supporting you while using your very own sacred instruments. And now imagine being able to guide your own journey with this customized soundscape at the touch of your fingers with an easy to use sound healing app, exploring an infinite variety of vibrational landscapes and environments for yourself or for your students or patients. 

You'll co-create your Attuned Soundscape with the expert guidance of Girish, tuning in precisely to your singing bowls, your intentions, and your voice. Your customized soundscape will feature your choice from a vast array of exquisitely produced musical elements, sounds of nature, and dynamic rhythm - all choreographed and chosen at Girish's recording studio in direct consultation with you.  

You'll receive your Attuned Soundscape in your choice of two formats:

1. As a complete, 30-minute sound journey, specially produced by Girish.

2. Or with all of the elements of your soundscape loaded into an easy to use app, allowing you complete control over your sound healing experience
What really makes this unique and special?
The profoundly healing and transformative powers of singing bowls have been explored and cultivated for many centuries. In far-flung locations like Tibet, healers and practitioners of the world's most renowned wisdom traditions have refined and evolved the use of sound healing tools such as singing bowls and the human voice over countless generations. This healing wisdom is now ours to benefit from in the 21st Century.

In addition to the ancient tradition of metal singing bowls, comprised of carefully crafted blends of metal alloys to produce their unique and entrancing resonance, the contemporary sound healer now has access to a whole new array of sound healing tools and technologies. Crystal bowls, for example, available in a wide variety of sizes and tones - some even enhanced with gemstone infusions - bring forth a whole new generation of these incredible healing tools. 

But until now, the unique sonic properties of singing bowls of all types were really a world unto themselves, their vibrational overtones working their magic in the bodies and minds of the listener while, at the same time, producing tones and frequencies unbounded by standard musical tuning. This unique characteristic of the singing bowls inspired Girish to seek to innovate a new sound healing technology, one which would bring together the magical vibrational powers of the singing bowls with the sacred sounds of music, rhythm, and the elements - all perfectly attuned to the one-of-a-kind harmonics of YOUR singing bowls, YOUR singing voice, and YOUR intentions. Think of it as a hardware/software approach: Your singing bowls are the hardware, and your customized soundscape is the software which opens up vast new power and potential from within them. 

About Girish

Girish is an internationally touring world music artist, teacher, and author. He began his music career as a jazz drummer, spent five years as a monk in a Hindu monastery, returned to music as a session tabla player on more than a hundred world music albums, and for the past twelve years has written, recorded, and performed his own original music and taught Sanskrit mantras and chanting in music festivals and yoga studios all over the world. His seven albums and two dvd's have received critical acclaim from O, The Oprah Magazine, Yoga Journal, and The Guardian, among others. Girish's book, Music and Mantras, continues Girish's mission to share the art of meditation through music and mantra with the world.