LIVE & FREE Sound Healing Classes

COVID-19 Message: In Service, our Sound Healing Classes have expanded and are streaming LIVE as a gift to our community during this world shift. Please find us here:


Current Schedule (Subject to change)

Sunday 4pm: World Prayer and Harp Healing with Shelly Reef

Monday 8a: Morning Sound Meditation with Alison Iati

Monday 4pm: 108 Mantra Chant with Jen Lasek

Tuesday 3pm: Handpan Soulscape with Terri Egan

Tuesday 4pm: Soundscapes with Lynda Arnold

Wednesday 11am: Integrative Sound Healing with Guest Teachers

Wednesday 4pm: Sound Prayer – A Healing Soundscape with Belinda Pearl

Thursday 4pm:  World Prayer and Harp with Shelly Reef

Friday 9:45am: Stress Reduction and Self Expression Through Drumming with Galit Shezifi

Friday 7:00pm: The Art of Sound Design with Alex Young

Saturday 11am:  Monochord and Chime Healing with Bo Nielsen

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